This article is about the friendship between Justin and the other characters. Justin's helping-good looks attitude and overwhelming sense of optimism allows him to befriend almost everyone and everyone to befriend him. Feel free to put how your character fels about him!


Alan is jealous of Justin's ability to get girls to swnoon and doen't cmpletey trust Justin as a result, however he tries to act civil around Justin and hopes a little of his charmould rub ff onto hm.


Alejandro is jeolous of Justin and Justin is of Al.


See Beth-Justin Conflict.


Blaineley has a bit of a crush on Justin but is in denial of it and covers it up when brought up during the Aftermaths.


Bridgette and Justin have alot of friendly and romantic moments together. See Bridgette-Justin Relationship.

Chef HatchetEdit

Chef admired his looks in Meet Our Students Part 1.

Chris McLeanEdit

Chris thinks Justin's technices are useful and devious.


Cody doesn't really have any reaction with Justin in Total Drama School. But in The Teams Report Justin tried to cheer Cody up after Gwen being eliminated.


Justin still showed some what of an attraction to Courtnwy in Meet Our Students Part 1, and Courtney seemed to like him too, but later fought with him before her elimination.


DJ thinks Justin can help animals with his looks and thinks he is very useful.


Duncan respect Justins abilities and Justin does favors later for him. They later form an allience in The Teams Report.


Duncon dosent trust Justin, but started to like him after he formed an allience with Duncan in The Teams Report


Eva doesn't really like Justin. She seems him as worse than Ezekiel because he uses girls to get farther in the game.


While initially suspicious of Justin's motives, Ezekiel has grown to feel all right around Justin, though he still isn't sure if he'd trust him fully.


Geoff and Justin have not had any interaction so far, but in Meet Our Students Part 1, he says he's lucky for getting that much girls.


Gwen has had no interaction with Justin in Total Drama School.


Harold doesn't really feel any friendship with him, though he does have a kind of bond from The Drama Brothers, but other than that, there's nothing between them.


Heather forms an alliance with Justin, but feels no friendship towards him as he is just a pawn in her plan.


Izzy gets along with Justin very well throughout the first couple of episodes. They work together in challenges and laugh at each other's jokes.


Katie still shows some what of ann attraction to Justin.


LeShawna thinks Justin is handsome, but shows no other friendship what so ever


Justin and Lindsay share there love of make up and other fashion materials alot in TDS. Lindsay still shows some what of an attraction.



Meet Our Students Part 1 Once Justin arrived at The School, Sadie stared at him in awe, like Bridgette. Sadie even fainted in his presence.

Is This Some Kind of Joke? Sadie is saying she could mary Justin.

Detention Day Sadie is gushing over Justin, and saying how cute he is, much to the annoyance of Alan.




Meet Our Students Part 1 After Justin stepped off the bus, Tyler admired his gorgeousness and told him he'd get more girls than Alan and Duncan combined. At the end of the episode, Tyler compliments Justin for being good-looking and wishes the two could be related.

Is This Some Kind of Joke? Justin remembers overhearing how Tyler wants to be related to him and tells Tyler he would love to be related to Tyler, until Tyler falls and says never mind. He tells Tyler he needs to put glue on his shoes and Tyler oddly thanks him for the advice. At the end of the episode he says Justin did a great job in the challenge.

Detention Day Tyler asks Justin for some tips on what to wear and Justin gives him a new track suit, witch Tyler thanks him for, but when he found out Justin made him look bad on purpose he got mad and ignored Justin for the rest of the episode.

Not Quite 6Teen Tyler forgives Justin and asks him for make up to make him look old, witch Justin provides.