Killer Teachers
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Episode Eliminated TDS:TBA
Family Mother, Father, Brother
Friends Harold, Cody, DJ, Ezekiel, Alan, Duncan, Duncon, Katie, Geoff,
Enemies Courtney, Alejandro, Owen
Fear Sumo Wrestlers(Conquered)
Voice actor Sunslicer2

Heather is a contestant in Total Drama School. She is a o the Killer Teachers.


Heather has it all - looks, brains, talent - the list could go on and on, but why talk about something that is so obvious? Heather likes to keep busy with extra curricular activities. (Read: Be the center of attention and hog the spotlight.) She's School President, (after several ballot boxes for her opponents mysteriously ended up in the boys urinals). She's Head Cheerleader (but only attends rallies where the Year Book Photographer is present). She's Head of the Year Book Committee (to ensure that "said photographer" includes only her best shots, and also to ban photos of anyone she hates). She's President of the Debate Team, (because she loves to argue) but will only debate issues of personal interest (i.e. did you see Susie's new haircut? Can everyone say: "80's perm-gone-wrong"?) Heather is a winner at everything and can do anything she sets her mind to because she doesn't have to worry about pesky things like morals, ethics or scruples getting in the way. Her credo is "Why put off until tomorrow what someone else can do for you today." The only place Heather is out-ranked is at home. She has an evil younger brother, Damien, who enjoys torturing Heather by booby-trapping her room and putting glue in her hair conditioner. Heather would be mortified if the audience discovered her deep dark secret, but Total Drama Island has heard from reliable sources (her brother) that she used to be a fat, brace-faced, pimply, style-challenged junior high reject; something she overcompensates for now with a mean veneer and lots of makeup. Heather hopes that her experience on Total Drama Island will open more doors for her so she can eventually attain her long-time goal of ruling Europe.

Total Drama SchoolEdit

In Meet Our Students Part 1, Heather is one of the people who had completed the challenge, causing her team to win. When beth had gone home, she wasn't surprised. She had said that Beth had it coming to her for being "The Ugly Duckling".

During Meet Our Students Part 2, Heather completed this challenge, too, but her team had still lost. Immediately, she sought out the help of Ezekiel. Together, they formed an alliance to get rid of Alejandro. When all the votes were tallied, it was Ezekiel to be eliminated, but when Chris read the votes aloud, Heather pointed out that all of the votes said Zeke, not Ezekiel, meaning Alejandro was out. Chris bought this excuse and Alejandro was sent to the Principal's Office because of Heather. From then on, Ezekiel was forever in Heather's debt.

In the episode, Is This Some Kind of Joke?, Heather's alliance was getting even stronger as she had just made a joint-alliance with Eva's alliance of Alan, Harold, Izzy, and Sadie. Together, this alliance worked through the challenges together, though Heather betrayed them without their knowledge when she sabotaged some of their team members' videos. In the end, Courtney was eliminated, helping Heather get even further now that a big threat was gone.

Detention Day brought some trouble to Heather. She didn't complete the challenge, and Eva's alliance was growing even stronger without her. In the elimination, Heather watched as Sierra quit, weakening Eva's alliance, and smirked. Then she saw how Owen was voted out, making sure that it was only a matter of time until Eva would have t vote off her own alliance-mates.

Over the course of the next few episodes, Not Quite 6Teen, The Teams Report, and Our First Field Trip, Heather noticed that Eva's alliance was getting stronger by the second with Gwen's and Bridgette's eliminations. In turn, she strengthened her alliance by joining forces with Duncon, Duncan, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, and Trent. Now, she had all of the Killer Teacher's in her alliance, as well as DJ and Geoff who were in Eva's alliance because of Katie. At first,
she could not get in to the museum because Trent shoved her out of the way and Tyler locked it, so she had to break in. She was still in time for the challenge, but when she saw that Eva and Harold were in trouble for the losing streak, she convinced her team to lose on purpose to get rid of Tyler, who had not done a single challenge. In the end, she got through with Tyler getting voted out, and not a single vote against her.

Justin threatens Heather about alliances.


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