Meet Our Students Part 2 is the second episode of Total Drama School. Below is the episode's "script" - please add in your character's introduction and other actions. You may only control your characters, and others' with permission.

Chris: Welcome Back! Last time on Total Drama School, (clips from Meet Our Students Part 1), our cast was introduced to Wawanakwa High.

(Disclaimer; Theme song)

(SCENE: The school dormitories where the classmates are sleeping.)

Izzy: (wakes up) Ah, it's a beautiful day to catch some prey. Gotta look for Noah and attack him!

(leaves room. Passes by a hiding Noah)

Noah: whew, I thought she was gonna get me. Gotta be more careful so she doesn't eat me or something.

Ezekiel: (stretches) I haven't slept this good since I got accepted into season three!

Harold: (walks in) Speaking of, how did you recover from Gollum's Disease?

Ezekiel: Funny story there, eh! Chris let me go home for a few weeks and I was so malnourished and stuff mom took me to the doctor and they injected me with stuff and I had to eat like Owen for a whole week.

Izzy: (walks in) has anyone seen Noah? I've been looking everywhere!

Noah: if you tell her where I am Ezekiel you are so dead. (hides behind plant)

Ezekiel: Wouldn't dream of it, eh!

Cody: Ahhh, nothing like a nice morning!

Owen: Nice? Chris wakes us up early everyday though!

Cody: Well, uh. Never mind.

Gwen: Stupid reality show... (in confessional) I don't know how much of Chris I can take! He's so annoying!

(Noah sneezes)

Noah: oh no!

Izzy: gotcha (attacks him). Izzy always catches her prey.

Owen: Hold on Noah! I'm coming buddy! (tries to pull Izzy off of Noah)

Noah: Save yourselves (realizes that izzy is biting his arm) Never mind, SAVE me!!!

Ezekiel: (shrugs) Stop biting Noah, Izzy.

Alan: Yeah, he probably doesn't even taste that good!

Izzy: Tastes sooooooo GOOD!!

LeShawna: (Leshawna walks in) Izzy not again! (slaps izzy multiple times)

Noah: (hugs leshawna) my HERO!

Izzy: I'll get you one day. just you wait.....

Chris: Hello classmates! Today you'll be making videos based on your appearances in the last three seasons. Think you can handle that?

Sadie: Yes! Ive done nothing for the past THREE SEASONS!!!!!!

Justin: I got the magic in me!!

Bridgette: Hahaha you sure do...

Tyler: Whyyyyyyyyyy! All ive done is get hurt over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!

Justin: Even the scary challenges?

Bridgette: (hugs Justin)

Justin *in confesional*: Its simple, I just keep the not-favorites till the finals and then... vote them off. Only Lindsay wouldnt understand that.

Ezekiel: 'least you guys got far in the competition! I got eliminated first, twice!

Alan: I haven't even in the show before.

Owen: Awesome! I was on all three seasons and I won the first one!

Cody: I bet I'll be able to find something. And it will probably be made by Sierra.

Noah: At least my video won't have Izzy attacking me in it

Izzy: Ohh that reminds me of this time when i saw a bear mauling a chicken. ROWR

(Eva is shown dragging Izzy off the screen, as Heather and Harold watch.)

Harold: Uhh.....

Heather: Yeah......

(Harold) and Heather: (Awesome!) Crazy!

(Harold) and Heather: (Idiot!) Idiot!