My Duncan Ate My Homework
Season 1, Episode 15
Challenge Draw A Pic Of Your Character From Scratch
Reward(s) TBA
Winner(s) Screaming Students
Eliminated DJ
Episode Guide
"The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round..."
"Expelled Against Their Will"

My Duncan Ate My Homework is the fifteenth episode of Total Drama School's first season.


After Chris tells the students they have to draw themselves, the Screaming Students' papers for the challenge go strangely missing. The team members, lead by Harold and Alan become detectives to discover who is stealing their work - meanwhile, the Killer Teachers worry about eva now that he knows he's on the chopping block.


  • Alan: (dressed like Sherlock Holmes; fake British accent) I know what I'm doing!
  • Ezekiel: Where's Duncan, eh?
  • Cody: *sets homework on a desk and walks into the bathroom*
    eva: *grabs homework and stuffs it in his mouth* Mmmm! Who knew paper could be so delicious!
    Cody: *walks out of bathroom* Hey! What happened to my homework!?
    Harold: Wait, wait, wait! Did someone get *zooms in on Harold with a magnified glass up to his eyes* MURDERED?
    Cody: No, someone just stole my homework.
    Harold: Then your homework probably got *zooms in on Harold with a magnified glass up to his eyes* MURDERED!!
    Cody: Whatever Harold...
  • Justin:*holds up homework and reads it* so what do you think about my essay?  
  • eva: Good! Reaallll Good!
  • Alan: (As Holmes still; accent) It was DUNCAN? Seriously? (rolls eyes) Shoulda seen that coming...


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