Season 1, Episode 9
Duncan is happier
Challenge Get Pic or make a pic of your Chatacter in His Underwear (underwear and bra if a girl)
Reward(s) invincibility
Winner(s) Killer Teachers
Eliminated tyler
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"Our First Field Trip"
"Guess Who's Coming Back?"

Suspense-sion is the ninth episode of the first season of Total Drama School.


Chris wakes up the campers earlier for a before-school challenge - the students have to show off their underwear in front of each other and to Chris and Chef! The guys are excited to see the girls in as little as possible, and the girls are excited to see Justin in as little as possible! But who's going home this week?


  • Alan: Wait, we're wearing underwear... we get to see chicks in their underwear!? Heck Yeah! Now THIS is more like what I signed up for!
  • Ezekiel: (Confessional) I doon't like this challenge, eh. It objectifies girls. (whispering) I doon't wanna get beat up again, yo!
  • Justin: Ohhhhh! I can show off my abs!
  • Cody: Are you kidding me? No way!


  • This is the first episode of Total Drama School to be rated TV-14 instead of TV-PG due to the nudity and that much of the episode concerns wearing underwear.
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