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Total Drama School is a role-play created by DXG4Ever featuring twenty-six contestants split into two teams, who are competing for a one million dollar grand prize. It was succeeded in it's second season by Total Drama Fans VS. Favorites.


Chris McLean unites twenty-six contestants for a chance at a huge million dollar cash prize! But this season's challenges will take place in a location all teenagers fear dearly - a school! As the competitors are are split into two teams, they prepare for the greatest challenges of their lives! Whether it's writing jokes, dressing up, making videos or discovering facts, these contestants will do anything to win - even if it means forging alliances, ending friendships and losing precious possessions!


There are thirty episodes in the season, including Aftermaths.

  1. Meet Our Students Part 1
  2. Meet Our Students Part 2
  3. Is This Some Kind of Joke?
  4. Detention Day
  5. Not Quite 6Teen
  6. The Aftermath I
  7. The Teams Report
  8. Our First Field Trip
  9. Suspense-sion
  10. Guess Who's Coming Back?
  11. Duncan's A Deadman
  12. The Aftermath ll
  13. Highway To Hell
  14. The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...
  15. My Duncan Ate My Homework
  16. Expelled Against Their Will
  17. Aqua-Holics
  18. The Aftermath III
  19. Hollow-Headed-Ween
  20. Knights of the Square-D Table
  21. Twi-Fight
  22. No Games Allowed
  23. No Geeks, No Glory
  24. The Aftermath IV
  25. I Triple Dog Dare You!!!!!!!
  26. Gwen 10
  27. Emergency Lockdown
  28. Report Card
  29. -Special-


Participant Team Status Placing Merged Team
Beth Screaming Students 1st Voted Out
in Meet Our Students Part 1
27th Place Non-Merged
Alejandro Killer Teachers 2nd Voted Out
in Meet Our Students Part 2
26th Place
Courtney Screaming Students 3rd Voted Out
in Is This Some Kind of Joke?
25th Place
Sierra Screaming Students 4th Quit
in Detention Day
24th Place
Owen Screaming Students 5th Voted Out
in Detention Day
23rd Place
Gwen Screaming Students Returns in Guess Who's Coming Back?
Voted Out in Not Quite 6Teen
Bridgette Screaming Students 7th Voted Out
in The Teams Report
22nd Place
Tyler Killer Teachers 8th Voted Out
in Our First Field Trip
21st Place
Katie Screaming Students 9th Voted Out
in Suspense-sion
20th Place
Izzy Screaming Students 10th Voted Out
in Guess Who's Coming Back?
19th Place
Trent Killer Teachers 11th Voted Out
in Duncan's A Deadman
18th Place
Duncon Killer Teachers 12th Voted Out
in The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...
17th Place
Duncan Killer Teachers 13th Eliminated
in My Duncan Ate My Homework
16th Place
Alan Screaming Students Competing TBA
Cody Killer Teachers Competing TBA
DJ Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Eva Screaming Students Competing TBA
Ezekiel Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Geoff Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Gwen Screaming Students Competing TBA
Harold Screaming Students Competing TBA
Heather Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Justin Screaming Students Competing TBA
LeShawna Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Lindsay Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Noah Killer Teachers Competing TBA
Sadie Screaming Students Competing TBA


Actor Role
DXG4Ever Chris/Duncan/Duncon/Alejandro
Codyfan9000 Gwen/Cody/Owen/Jackson
JohnVMaster Alan/Ezekiel/Courtney*
Sunslicer2 Eva/Heather/Harold/Gerry
Phantom29 Courtney
Duncanjustin Justin/Bridgette/Sadie/Tyler/Cole/Danny
Aimers Lindsay/Noah/Izzy/LeShawna/Trent/Bryan
TDobsessed88 DJ/Katie/Geoff/Karl

*JohnVMaster played Courtney part time.


  • Blaineley is the only Total Drama contestant not returning - instead she hosts the four Aftermaths.
  • This is the only season where Ezekiel has not been eliminated first.
  • Alan and Duncon are new characters.
  • This is the only season where there are four antagonists.
  • This is the series' longest season.
  • Aimers plays the most characters regularly, five.
  • JVM plays the least characters regularly, two.
  • As of this season, Beth is the only original Total Drama contestant not to get farther than Alejandro in any season.
  • Owen and Beth the only contestants as of this season to never get farther than Sierra in any season.
  • This is the second season in a row where Chris ignores votes to save contestants.